Welcome to Shared Experiences, created in 2010 to support ladies struggling to cope with debilitating illness, or those facing personal battles. The aim of the website was to build a supportive community, one where experiences could be shared in a non judgmental, friendly forum. 

As a retired nurse, a premature retirement I have to add, enforced by a complicated myriad of medical conditions, primarily systemic lupus erythematosus  -  hard to say, but so much harder to live with. I discovered how losing a fundamental part of our existence can have such a negative, destructive effect on our mental health. Not being able to work as I once did, being a divorcee, and living alone, as my children have all flown the nest, I found myself incredibly isolated. With any chronic illness comes the inevitable, periods of unrelenting depression. Living a compromised life is challenging, especially when you are alone.

In an effort to help myself and reach out to others in a similar situation the idea to create a website was conceived. I encouraged ladies to share their stories, those brave enough had it published on the 'Your Story' page, and to give a candid insight into daily life living with chronic illness, I started a blog.

Sadly Shared Experiences got somewhat neglected, attempting to cope with my own illness whilst exploring the latent creativity which came to the fore whenever I found myself plummeting into the darkest of days, became my sanctuary. What began as a catharsis has become my purpose, I now write poetry and songs. Since 2010 I have had poetry published in various anthologies and released my own book "Raw Emotion" A collection of thoughts  in rhyme. I am currently awaiting the release of my second collection, "Out of Darkness" Inspirational poetry from the heart. I regularly co write with songwriters and have built a respectable catalogue of original songs as well as achieving success in some prestigious songwriting contests. 

Over the coming months I hope to reactivate Shared Experiences, continue my blog and invite more ladies to join the community and share stories, wisdom and life.